Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to come in for treatments? This is very individual depending on the conditions being addressed in treatment. Many clients have great effects with a series or an initial three to four sessions, then a maintenance schedule. Everyone does them in their own style. Just know that only one colonic does not clear out the colon.

What do I need to do before my session? Being well hydrated for the up coming days is very important. Stay away from foods that you know may be hard for you to digest. One and half hour before your scheduled session, limit your liquid and food intake to a minimum.

Do colonics wipe out good bacteria from your system? No they do not. Clearing the colon actually creates more space in the colon so that it may operate more efficiently producing good bacteria on its own.

Do I need to take probiotics? You do not need to take them, however probiotics as well as whole fermented foods, are always good to take even if you are not doing colonics.

Does it hurt? Colonics do not hurt. If a person is experiencing pain, we stop the treatment.

How long am I on the table? The average time for a colonic is 45 minutes. Each person is different.